Plug & Play Housing has designed several model houses up to approximately 80m2 in size. With our construction method, in which we can produce a wide range of construction elements, it is possible to build any desired shape or surface. However, to be able to speak of a "Tiny house", the market usually speaks of a maximum of 50m2 BVO.

A Plug & Play home is completely reconfigurable. That is to say that after e.g. 10 years (in some municipalities there is a maximum tolerance period for small houses) one can completely disassemble the house and reassemble it in another place. This is partly because we do not have to make fixed connections thanks to our unique Lego-like building elements.

Our houses are available in the follewing configurations:

  • Casco
    Foundation, inner and outer walls, doors and windows, roof.
  • Turnkey
    Casco, plus bathroom, kitchen, toilet.
  • Off-grid
    Turnkey, plus solar panels, water supply, sanitation, roof garden.

In the Off-grid version, you are completely self-sufficient and connection to the 'grid' (water, sewer, electricity) is not necessary. Such a house can therefore be placed in any desired location.

The Plug & Play Housing constructions are fully reconfigurable.
The house can be easily taken apart and all parts are reusable.
Our goal is to work Cradle to Cradle.

A number of model homes have already been designed. Varying from square, L-shaped or rectangular with a pointed roof containing a sleeping floor. This is a great option for people with children or for holiday parks. It is also possible to make a design yourself, fitted to your needs. We are not bound to a prefab container form (in relations to transport) and almost any design is possible with our building elements. View some examples of the possibilities below.

Examples of our model homes. Click for larger format.

De woningen van Plug & Play Housing zijn 36 tot 60 m2 groot,
voldoen aan het bouwbesluit en zijn volledig her-configureerbaar.
Ze zijn verkrijgbaar als casco, turn key en volledig off-grid.

Examples of interiors. Click for larger format.

A short trip to our model homes

In this artist-impression film you get an impression of some of our model homes, built in different types of finish and format. This way the stones can remain visible, with or without design elements, or the outside can be covered with wood or other material

Low-rise residential area.

Our homes are also very suitable for a low-rise residential area. For example, models can be attached to each other and all kinds of sizes and designs can be applied. The external characteristics can also be slightly changed with the blocks, so that a playful character is created. See the video below for an explanation.

Social housing.

For the So You Think You Can Build innovation challenge of Aedes, the umbrella organization of housing corporations, Plug and Play Housing has designed a block of homes suitable for social housing (PMC2). The homes are circular, nature-inclusive and have a low Total Cost of Ownership. Contact us for the possibilities.