Evolutionary building.

The ever faster changing world has hardly any effect on the construction principles of today's construction world. Below you can read Team Zero's manifesto, which aims to end the housing shortage. To this end, a building concept has been developed of related building elements with which an infinite number of building forms can be realized: the principle of simple, but evolutionary construction. 

Everyone has the right to a dignified and affordable circular house.

The social image of the Netherlands is highly regarded internationally. In our country, social support for the underprivileged is considered a long-established security. Unfortunately, the reality is often different. The real estate rat race has led to young people, people with disabilities and the homeless sleeping under bridges or taking the 'sofa-bed route' with relatives and acquaintances, even if they sometimes have a job. The Netherlands has socially slipped to the dubious level of developing countries.

Sufficient housing must therefore be made available by the authorities. Not only living space and the number of homes are at stake, but also the quality of the homes. This has been elaborated in the Housing Act and the Housing Act, under which the Netherlands, as a member state of the EU, must comply with European climate agreements that have an effect on, among other things, the requirements for circular construction.

Voor de realisatie van circulaire kleinbouwwoningen wordt de formule
Zero Waste & Zero CO2 gehanteerd.

Zero Waste

The idea that the demolition of buildings involves brute force is an old-fashioned and outdated notion. Demolition turned into demolition. Buildings have since been gutted and dismantled. Parts of the building are carefully selected for reuse.
The designs of the low-rise houses of Plug & Play Housing have not been developed from a fairly creative and uninhibited thinking, using polluting source materials, but from the discipline that full reuse of the available materials from buildings that have been removed according to the latest methods, creative, dignified and affordable housing.

Zero CO2

Concrete is considered to be responsible for at least 7% CO2 emissions. In recent years, the government, in collaboration with the concrete industry, among others, has tried to accelerate the transition of the concrete chain to a CO2-arme bedrijfsvoering. Gezien de grote
financial loss that resulted in this did not succeed. Plug & Play Housing shares the view that a CO2-free replacement for traditional concrete is the most ideal solution. In collaboration with a number of specialists, Plug & Play Housing is on its way to a CO2-free concrete replacement, an open source, which will soon be used for the construction of a low-rise house.


All parts of a building that can be reused have led a previous life, which is the absolute precondition for circular construction. The combination of Zero Waste, Zero CO2 and the reuse of parts of removed buildings is an example of what the circular economy can look like.

Bekijk hier een artikel van de branchevereniging van de recyclingindustrie over Plug & Play Housing.


Bekijk hieronder de uitzending van Holland van Boven op SBS6 van 11 april 2020 over ons concept:

Purpose Economy

Team Zero approaches the problem of the current lack of housing and the quality of housing from the principles of the economy of meaning: the right balance between economic, ecological and social values. This vision means that all activities that must be developed to solve the problem of the housing shortage, namely economic (affordable), ecological (circular construction) and social (every interested party a home) aspects, are based on this balance. can be realized.

Betekeniseconomie: ideale balans tussen geld, mens en milieu.

The economic solution was created based on the idea that high-quality, new homes can be built completely circularly using building elements that have already led a life. This method structurally ensures that initial development costs are avoided, so that the end product, based on the innovative assembly system, competes financially with the supply of traditional construction methods.

The ecological solution lies in the way of building. Homes are built with materials that can be reused after demolition. The resulting building structure is fully reconfigurable and is equipped with calibrated sustainable facilities, including energy, sanitary and heating. If desired, the houses can be provided with green components in the form of a roof garden, a vertical garden or other (communal) greenery.

The social oplossing kent twee componenten. Ten eerste kunnen bij de bouw, mede vanwege de simpele methode van bouwen, mensen ingezet worden met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt. Er zijn immers veel handen nodig en er is een groot tekort aan personeel in de bouw. Daarbij wordt de achtergestelde persoon uit z’n maatschappelijk isolement gehaald. Ten tweede dienen de woningen, gezien de lage kostprijs, in eerste instantie beschikbaar te komen voor groepen die nauwelijks toegang tot de woningmarkt hebben. Sociale huurwoningen voor daklozen, mantelzorgers, leraren en andere achtergestelde groepen (waaronder mensen die wel een baan hebben, maar geen woning) zijn nauwelijks beschikbaar en een grote zorg voor gemeenten. Jonge, zelfstandige starters maken doorgaans uitsluitend kans door schulden aan te gaan, die in een later stadium vaak door financiële onmacht gesaneerd dienen te worden.


Team Zero wants to receive political support for realizing and accelerating the described concept by participating in debates, publicity campaigns and lobbying activities. It is important to make land available for small low-rise buildings (36-48-60m2). Many farmers have since cleared their livestock, making land available for small-dwelling communities. A political party estimates the potential capacity at 1 million homes. Farmers can share their knowledge and ambitions with people who wish to become a permanent part of society in new forms of housing.

To this end, municipalities must accelerate the granting of permits and create openings for fully circular construction. Sufficient capital is often available for circular low-rise buildings in the form of housing association funds, investment funds and project budgets. In this way, socio-ecological values are acquired on the basis of the principles of the economy of meaning. Initiatives by MVO Nederland, which organized the election of the 'Minister of the new Economy', are characteristic of the changed thinking about new social constructions and prospects.

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