Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal data by Plug & Play Housing B.V. and by its affiliated subsidiaries or activities, hereinafter also referred to as "P&PH". If you become a member of the P&PH Community, make a donation, or provide personal data to P&PH for other reasons, you expressly consent to the processing of your personal data only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We advise you to read the Privacy Policy and keep it for your own administration. 

1. Why we process your personal data

If you use our products and / or services, we can collect and process your personal data. This includes personal data that you provide when filling in a contact or registration form, ordering products or services, applying via the website, signing up for a newsletter, requesting a brochure or other information that we collect from your use of our websites, apps and other services, such as events and promotions.

We use your personal data for the following purposes, among others:

  • For the fulfillment of an agreement;
  • To handle your request for information;
  • For the handling of your complaint;
  • To be able to process your application;
  • To send digital newsletters for which you have registered;
  • For offering products and services.

By personal data we mean all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Your personal data can be exchanged with or made available to all parts of P&PH and partners who use this privacy statement. It is also possible that when you use different products and / or services, the data provided in that context is combined into a profile with data from (the use of) other P&PH products and / or services. Based on the insights we gain from this, we improve our communication about projects and we realize products and services that always meet your needs. We process personal data in accordance with applicable legal obligations and only for the purposes for which we received the personal data.

2. Legal basis for the use of personal data

We only process personal data if you have given your consent for this when providing the personal data, if we have a legitimate interest or if we must comply with a legal obligation. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Your personal data will then no longer be processed by us, unless there is another legal ground for this. P&PH has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

3. Sharing of personal data

We can share your personal data with third parties, for example if this is necessary for the execution of an agreement between you and P&PH. If we provide third parties with access to your personal data, we will only do so if we are sure that the third party will only use the personal data in a way and for a purpose related to the purpose for which we obtained the personal data, and only in accordance with the legal requirements. We conclude a processing agreement with third parties that process your personal data on our behalf to ensure that the security of the personal data to be processed meets the legal requirements. P&PH remains responsible for these processing operations.

In some cases, a legal obligation also requires us to provide personal data to third parties, such as the police. A legal obligation to provide personal data also applies if this is necessary in the interests of the security of the State, the prevention or detection of criminal offenses, or if the interests of other people are at stake. In all other cases, we can only provide your personal data to third parties with your explicit consent. We store our personal data on servers in the EEA unless explicitly stated otherwise.

4. Cookies and hyperlinks

We use functional and analytical cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit our website. We use cookies with a purely technical functionality. These ensure that we can optimize the website. You can opt out of cookies by setting your internet browser in such a way that it no longer stores cookies. In addition, you can also delete all information previously saved via your browser settings.

5. Your right to object

You can object to the use of your personal data, for example if you believe that the use of your personal data is not necessary for the performance of our activities or to comply with a legal obligation. You can object by sending an email clearly indicating what you are objecting to, with your name, address, telephone number and a copy of a valid ID to attn the Privacy Officer. Do not forget to make your BSN illegible on the copy of the ID document before you send it. You will receive an answer within two weeks.

6. Right of inspection, removal and requests for complaints 

In addition to the right to object, you have a number of other rights with regard to your personal data:

  • You have the right to inspect your personal data. This means that you can request which personal data has been registered and for what purposes that personal data is used.
  • If you believe that we have incorrect personal data about you, you can have this personal data corrected. You also have the right to ask us to limit the processing of your personal data, including for the period that we need to assess your requests or objections.
  • You can also ask us to delete your personal data from our systems. We will comply with your request, unless we have a compelling, legitimate interest not to delete the personal data, which outweighs the privacy interest. If we have deleted the personal data, we will not be able to immediately remove all copies of the personal data from our systems and backup systems for technical reasons.
  • Finally, you have the right to request us to cooperate in the transfer of your personal data to another party.

Only if a request is made unreasonably often, requires unreasonably heavy technical effort or has unreasonably severe technical consequences for our systems, endangers the privacy of others, or is extremely impractical, we will refuse the request.

You can submit a request in the manner described in point 5. We would also like to point out the possibility of submitting a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, via

7. Retention periods

We do not store personal data longer than is strictly necessary for the purposes for which the personal data was collected, unless there is a legal ground to keep your data longer. 

8. How do we protect your personal data?

We take the protection of your personal data seriously and take all reasonable, appropriate, technical and organizational security measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, destruction, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification of personal data.

If, despite security measures taken by us, a security incident nevertheless occurs that is likely to adversely affect your privacy, we will inform you as soon as possible. We will therefore inform you about the measures we have taken to limit the consequences and prevent recurrence in the future.

9. Information about the responsible person 

De verantwoordelijke voor de verwerking van de persoonsgegevens is Plug & Play Housing B.V., Keizersgracht 99-F, 1015 CH te Amsterdam, KvK 77806794. De functionaris is bereikbaar via 

10. Change of privacy statement

We reserve the right to unilaterally change the provisions of this Privacy Statement. We will publish changes on our website, where you can always find the current version. It is advisable to visit the website regularly.