Plug & Play Housing was founded in April 2020 as a “spin-off” of De Mobiel Fabriek and aims to build small low-rise housing based on the principles of the meaning economy, taking into account social and ecological values. , such as deploying people at a distance from the labor market and the 100% CO2 neutral building. 

In addition, Plug & Play Housing wants to use the specific construction method to clear up the concrete rubble in the Netherlands and reuse it in a high-quality manner. This already delivers a reduction of 36% COon. In addition, Plug & Play Housing, in collaboration with professors and experts, is working on a concrete substitute called Dumaclide© te ontwikkelen, waarbij 100% CO2-reductie kan worden bereikt. Aanvullend gebruiken wij isolatie materialen die CO2 hebben opgeslagen. Het resultaat: woningen die niet uitsluitend circulair geproduceerd zijn, maar zelfs CO2 opslaan.

Plug & Play homes are the technological further development of the basic homes in Haiti, developed for people with limited investment capacity and a lifestyle that fits in with this era. We have developed the Plug & Play system for this, with which interested parties can design their own future home, with or without facilities such as water, electricity and sanitation. It works according to the simple principle: cracked rubble in, building elements out.

The Management Team of Plug & Play Housing consists of:

Quirien Aretz
Chief Executive Officer

Quirien is an experienced senior manager with extensive international experience in, among others, the financial sector. He has been involved in digital transitions, innovation, commerce, inventing new business models and implementing new strategies. In addition to his role as CEO, Quirien is also chairman of the Fair Life Foundation and develops programs within the purpose economy.

Gerard Steijn
Creative Concept Developer

Gerard is the inventor and founder of The Mobile Factory. The circular process related to it, forms the basis of Plug & Play Housing and provides opportunities for people with a distance to the current housing market. Gerard also has years of experience in developing countries and is the creative brain of the company.

Paulien Iding
Project Manager

Paulien is an experienced project manager in (concrete) construction area and has supervised, among others, the realisation of the model home in Haiti. She is also involved in Fair Life Foundation with regard to the Petit Paradis project. Paulien has over 11 years of experience with civil concrete construction and supervises large tenders as an independent entrepreneur. She will supervise the construction of our homes.

Many of our people are also involved in running
social projects for Fair Life Foundation.

Onze organisatie en Team Zero wordt verder ondersteund door:

Hennes de Ridder
TU Delft

With his innovative vision on Integrated Design in the construction world, he presents the 'living' building and the evolutionary doctrine in which inescapable circular construction is implied. The big cover is coming.

Kees Klomp
THRIVE Institute

As a figurehead of the 'meaning economy', which strives for a balance between economic, ecological and social values, he has written several books about it and is a lecturer in New Economics at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

Tjeerd Grimmius
DTG Management & Consult

With his experience in public administration and more than 20 years of experience with housing projects in developing countries, he contributes to the housing of disadvantaged groups and new forms of living communities. 

Sebastiaan Robben
SROM Architecten

Sebastiaan is an architect who works every day on the imagination of marvel. He believes that architecture has become an applied art through more complex processes and the associated specialization in the construction world. Sebastiaan works a.o. on the design of our model homes.

Cees Steijn
Communication strategist

Cees is a communications strategist and database manager. In the current era, he considers it of eminent importance to highlight the transition from the pursuit of profit to social and social responsibility in a clear manner. Cees will assist us in sales, CRM and communication. 

Theo Steinebach

Theo has a background in Non-Residential Building at TU Delft and brings a lifelong experience as a managing director at Ballast Nedam, NBM and Arcadis, among others. He has also been involved in the Petit Paradis project in Haiti through De Mobiel Fabriek. With his extensive network, knowledge and experience in construction, Theo helps us with, among other things, the business side of the company.

Ron van Wijk
GFSC Consultants & Engineers

He is a senior lecturer and course leader in the 'Circular Building Implementation Course' at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen and is involved as an advisor to both the public and private sectors when it comes to making the construction world more sustainable.

René Kok

As a creative director, he applies the principles of the circular economy to waste collection, recycling and separation. In doing so, he translates these waste streams into practical, new end products that are used in innovative communities. 

Gert Breugem
Smart Urban Solutions

Gert is an urban planner and focuses his plans on sustainable and feasible solutions for communities at various scales. His smart solutions for an optimal society, which is constantly subject to change, are a challenge and represent his daily work.