Purpose Economy

Plug & Play Housing supports the foundations of the purpose economy, where the aim is to achieve a balance between economic, social and ecological values. This is expressed in the following way

We use concrete rubble to make stackable building elements that form the basis for fully fledged, fully circular homes. As a result, we save CO 2 and with our sustainable materials we relieve the environment even further. Moreover, our building system allows homes to be easily disassembled, reshaped and reused.

Affordable, dignified homes for a sustainable lifestyle. The construction system is simple and construction is possible under supervision. This also provides opportunities for the low-skilled or people with a distance to the labor market.

Part of our profit will de donated to the Fair Life Foundation, which provides training and constructs cheap homes for underprivileged people in other countries, such as currently in Haiti, in order for people to rebuild a worthy life.

Building with purpose

Plug & Play Housing is an advocate for the purpose economy and tries to make as much impact as possible in order to obtain the right balance between economic, ecological and social values.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), drawn up by the United Nations, provide guidance in putting the characteristics of the purpose economy into practice. Incorporating the SDGs into the company's strategic objectives makes a recognizable contribution to combating poverty, reducing inequality and climate change.

Plug & Play Housing aims to make a measurable impact on the following SDGs in the coming years:

By living off-grid: sustainable own energy supply.

Sharing profit as donation to Fair Life Foundation for the project in Haïti.

Opportunities for the low-skilled and people with a distance to the labor market.

Circular and energy-neutral building and living. A worthy home for everyone.

Sustainable and reusable homes and materials. Cradle to Cradle.

Fully circular construction system. CO2-free materials and smaller footprint.

And through cooperation with partners we try to achieve the above objectives together:

You a house, They a house ...

Part of the profit from Plug & Play Housing will benefit the Fair Life Foundation, which is carrying out the reconstruction project Petit Paradis in Haiti under the name of The Mobile Factory. For more information about the foundation and its activities, visit www.fairlifefoundation.org.

Fair Life Foundation

Fair Life Foundation is realizing a project in Haiti in collaboration with The Mobile Factory. On the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, is the new Petit Paradis - the little paradise - situated, a future Haitian community. The land of 6,000 square meters offers a future living space for about 25 Haitian families. The special thing about this is that the houses in the community are built entirely from building rubble, which has a heavy impact on the environment as a result of the series of earthquakes in recent years, especially around Port-au-Prince. 

The first model home has now been built by unemployed victims of the disasters themselves, trained by The Mobile Factory. Despite the Corona crisis, work continues, because the workplace is healthier than the swampy slums and tent camps. In recent times, Fair Life Foundation has organised Corona workshops for local people at the production site. 

Petit Paradis is a pilot project with the aim of teaching untrained, unemployed victims of the series of disasters in recent years the recycling skills and a new system of construction. The fact that building rubble in the Netherlands stands for high-quality source material for reuse was initially approached with suspicion. People who climb collapsed buildings for anything of value, including wood and iron, did not realize that building rubble is much more interesting economically. This realization is now growing and since the pilot can be called successful, it must be scaled up.