A unique proposition

Plug & Play Housing is a start-up in housing construction that does not just build and sell homes. Our small homes are marketed on the basis of ecological and social values. The circular houses are made of concrete rubble, which is converted on location into a series of related Lego-like building elements using a unique method. Part of the transformation process is a production machine that is extremely simple to operate. This means that the low-skilled or people with a distance to the labor market can still participate in the labor process. For example, we can provide municipalities with a social-ecological offer for affordable housing for, among others, the homeless, people with disabilities, young starters or people with a special way of life. The use of construction rubble also saves 36% CO2. In collaboration with professors and concrete experts, Plug & Play Housing is constantly working on a concrete replacement, which means that even more CO2 can be saved.2-bespaard. In samenwerking met hoogleraren en betonexperts werkt Plug & Play Housing voortdurend aan een betonvervanger, waardoor nog meer CO2 savings.

Building with purpose

Plug & Play Housing is an advocate of the purpose economy and tries to make as much impact as possible in order to obtain the right balance between economic, ecological and social values.

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We make stackable building elements from concrete rubble that form the basis for the home. This saves CO2 and with our sustainable materials we relieve the environment even further. Moreover, our house is easy to disassemble and reuse.


Affordable decent housing for a sustainable lifestyle. The construction system is simple and it is possible to help build your own home under supervision. This also provides opportunities for low-skilled persons or people with a distance to the labor market to participate in the labor process.


Part of the profit goes to the Fair Life Foundation, which provides training for the underprivileged and helps them construct cheap houses, such as currently Haiti, so that people can rebuild a dignified existence.

Plug & Play

Naast onze modelwoningen in meerdere vormen, zijn eigen ontwerpen ook mogelijk. Vervolgens is het kiezen uit afwerking binnen en buiten, keuken, zonnepanelen, sanitair, water, groen dak, etc. Het is ook mogelijk volledig onafhankelijk te wonen (off-grid).

Plug & Play Housing aims to build low-rise homes,
taking into account social and environmental values,
such as deploying people at a distance from the labor market and the CO2 neutral building. 

Build your home with your mouse

To familiarize yourself with our building method and to design a tiny house yourself, we have created a game that allows you to experience what it is like to build a tiny house. Go through the steps from crunching the concrete rubble, making the building blocks, to placing the off-grid equipment, such as plumbing, solar panels and water. Afterwards you will receive a printout of your home with some extra information. Click on the button below to start the game.

Team Zero

Housing is a fundamental right, but there has nevertheless been an enormous housing shortage in the Netherlands for decades. There are hardly any prospects for anyone with a distance from the housing market. Team Zero of Plug & Play Housing wishes to put an end to this. Based on a shared vision, each member of the team has his/her own construction-related specialism and is committed as a collective to make affordable small living possible for every Dutch person and to build completely circular. "Bouw Je Huis Met Je Muis' and see what we mean by that or register with the Plug & Play Community, our knowledge center that turns interested parties into 'stakeholders'. 

We ensure that you can be part of the movement that Team Zero promotes. The central question is what you can add to the community, so that Team Zero can take action even more effectively. We will also keep you informed of the latest developments of the collective through our newsletter, of which you can be a part.

Our method

With the use of a crunching method, cleaned concrete rubble, caused by demolition for urban renewals, natural disasters or wars, is ground to 2.5 cm granulate. We work together with local partners. Our process creates a sustainable construction material as a replacement for polluting concrete. Cost-consuming construction waste thus becomes a new economic source. Everything takes place on location, avoiding costly transport. If construction waste is not present, optional rubble from another location or concrete replacement can be purchased. The construction material is converted into a series of related building elements, with which almost any construction form can be realized for low-rise buildings up to a size of 60 m2. The unique shape of the elements creates a very sturdy construction, which can even withstand earthquakes.

Production on location

The factory fits in a container, is therefore mobile and can be placed at the desired location, completely self-sufficient. It works according to the simple principle: cracked debris in, building elements out. The building rubble is treated as raw material, resulting in complete reuse. A circular operation that fits in with the globally formulated climate objectives. 

Based on many years of experience, an in-house design of machine and manufacturing has been created with its own concrete recycling recipe. Easy to understand and operate: concrete granulate in, blocks out. And just stack. The machine can produce approximately 1500 blocks (or other elements) per day. 

Watch the working of The Flying Dutchman


The big advantage of a simple system is that people can quickly master it. This provides opportunities for low-skilled personnel to participate in the labor process. From crunching concrete to filling the molds, the future residents of the house can also help themselves. This of course saves costs.

There is always training and experienced guidance from Plug & Play Housing available to guarantee safety and quality. And the really handy people can take care of parts of the construction process, such as installing insulation, building a kitchen or bathroom. That in turn saves costs.

Watch here how The Mobile Factory started in Haïti.

Chain management

In order to keep grip on the process and relieve our customers, Plug & Play Housing manages the value chain from design to construction. Optionally, we can act as a housing corporation (in the future). For the final phase, we are currently developing a deposit scheme (waste contribution) that will guarantee full circularity of our homes.